When the snow has finally melted and the boots have been put away and the snow pants have been washed and stored, it’s time for one of my favorite weekends of the year. 


It means it’s time to pack my suitcase and my extra bag for books and drive the 2 hours south. 


It’s time to sit and listen and learn. It’s time to tear up when someone touches my heart with a message about writing or books or this journey. 


It’s time to learn from others, to connect with other writers and creators. It’s time to remember what it was like when all of this was new and I had so many many many questions. 


It’s time to connect to the writer side of me. The side that thinks in picture book design and double page spreads. It’s time to sit in a room where more than 500 other people want to make books like I do. That want to put stories in the hands of kids. The time won’t pass quickly enough between now and then. I can’t wait. 





I’m in the process of getting ready and packing for NESCBWI. I always stress out about make sure I have the right clothes in my suitcase, my writing stuff and my business cards all ready to go. 


The New England weather does not seem to be cooperating at all this year as we are on  what seems like our 45th snow day of the year even though it’s the middle of April.  


As I pack and repack my suitcase to make sure I have the stuff to navigate the weekend, I think about my first conference and my second conference and my third conference and how with each one, I brought more and more with me. Not just scarves and layers to deal with the ever changing hotel climate, but knowledge and confidence and experience and a community.  I am packing my bags with a lot more than just clothes and shoes. 


I can’t wait to learn and connect with other writers and creators this weekend, people who understand this journey.  People who know what it’s like to pack for a conference and know all the other baggage that comes with it.